From: Pamela Kefi <>
Date: April 17, 2019 at 4:11:06 PM EDT
To: Pamela Kefi <>
Subject: AmeriCorps opportunity at Deaf Access Services/People Inc.

Through People Inc, Deaf Access Services has the opportunity to host a part time AmeriCorps volunteer. Please help spread the word to anyone who may want to get involved in our community services. The person would be on site, part time, for one year, assisting with our advocacy and community services. They would receive training, a stipend and other benefits. See the link and attachment for more info. Applications can be submitted as directed on the web link. This is a great opportunity for anyone fluent in American Sign Language.;jsessionid=Nu8bAAGEJoGS76_Z0gkGznu34_H9j_VXtmdwrcPUIYs3imjoFIWy!-184595495?id=86860&fromSearch=true



    Pamela Kefi


     Executive Director