Job Description: Editor of The Deaf Episcopalian
a newsletter of the Episcopal Conference of the Deaf —

The Episcopal Conference of the Deaf (ECD) represents the needs and ministries of people who are Deaf and hard-of-hearing within The Episcopal Church.  Our quarterly newsletter, The Deaf Episcopalian (DE), serves as the primary means for Deaf Episcopalians around the United States to communicate about their ministries and interests.  The DE is published in keeping with the church seasons: one during Advent before Christmas, one during Lent before Easter, one around Pentecost at the beginning of summer, and one during Ordinary Time in autumn.  The DE editor’s main role is to maintain the visibility of the ECD by informing members and the general public about Episcopal Deaf ministries.

Our dream DE Editor would:

Have knowledge of and a passion for Deaf culture
Enjoy gathering news and encouraging Church community across the nation
Be visually creative and fresh
Be detail-oriented and time-efficient
Be talented in photography and/or visual graphics/art
Be proficient in print layout for stories and photos
Write at least 1 article per issue
Take responsibility for publishing 4 issues per year on time
Own a computer to use for this project
Own and fluently use publishing software (anything you are comfortable using that will provide .pdf)
Maintain excellent communication with the ECD Board and affiliated personnel
Be attentive to publishing timelines, deadlines, and details
Send rough draft to ECD Board for proofing and feedback until they agree on the final version
Submit print-ready issue to approved printer or designated contact
Be paid $500 for each issue (4 per year)

To apply, please

Send resume including proof of Deaf culture experience and samples of your publishing work (fliers, newsletters, etc. in pdf format) to Cass Martensen, ECD Secretary, at
by November 21, 2018
Be ready to demonstrate your ability to use publishing software