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Thousands of people visit the website since it first launched in September 2009. There is an average of 1,500 people checking out the website on a monthly basis to see what events are happening each MONTH! This also means a little over 50 people check in EACH day !

There is high traffic and visibility on this website. This is an EXCELLENT opportunity to advertise your company on our website. We have excellent advertisement rates.

Benefits of advertising:

• Your company logo that will direct visitors directly to your preferred website with one click.

• A link is listed on the bottom of each event post that goes out to those subscribed will allow individual to click the link that goes to your website.

• An email goes out each time a new event is posted as well as posted on Facebook and Twitter.

• UNLIMITED advertising/emails/posts!

• Incredible visibility and marketing opportunity for your company.

We have different rates for profit & non-profit businesses.   If you’re interested in advertising, please contact us at :  We are open to other possibilities and requests. Please contact us to see what else we can do for you.